Platform Support

Being built on cargo and rustc, maturin is limited by rust's platform support.

Automated tests

On GitHub actions, windows, macOS and linux are tested, all on 64-bit x86. FreeBSD is also tested though Cirrus CI, but might get removed at some point. Since CI is very time intensive to maintain, I'd like to stick to GitHub action and these three platforms.


The following targets are built into wheels and downloadable binaries:

  • Windows: 32-bit and 64-bit x86 as well as arm64
  • Linux: x86, x86_64, armv7, aarch64 and ppc64le (musl), as well as s390x (gnu)
  • macOS: x86_64 and aarch64

Other Operating Systems

It should be possible to build maturin and for maturin to build wheels on other platforms supported by rust. To add a new os, add it in and, if it doesn't behave like the other unixes, in PythonInterpreter::get_tag. Please also submit the output of python -m sysconfig as a file in the sysconfig folder. It's ok to edit to deactivate default features so pip install works, but new platforms should not require complex workaround in


All architectures included in manylinux (aarch64, armv7l, ppc64le, ppc64, i686, x86_64, s390x) are supported. I'm not sure whether it makes sense to allow architectures that aren't even supported by manylinux.

Python Support

CPython 3.8 to 3.10 are supported and tested on CI, though the entire 3.x series should work. This will be changed as new python versions are released and others have their end of life.

PyPy 3.6 and later also works, as does GraalPy 23.0 and later.


manylinux2014 and its newer versions as well as musllinux_1_1 and its newer versions are supported.

Since Rust and the manylinux project drop support for old manylinux/musllinux versions sometimes, after maturin 1.0 manylinux version bumps will be minor versions rather than major versions.